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JRDG offers a broad range of strategic communication design services, from concept through implementation, from website design and development to brand identity. For over three decades JRDG has consistently achieved our clients business goals with relentless commitment to service and award winning design work.


At JRDG, we work closely with our clients to define the strategic competitive position oftheir brands. We then translate it into a unique visual language that is designed to stand out with clarity, relevancy and integrity in the minds of their target audience. We’ve done successful branding work for brands such as Sony, the National Basketball League, Volkswagen, Coca Cola, The City of New York and The Trade Commission of Spain in New York.


In a world where short attention span is the norm and our target audiences are just a click away from leaving our website or app, a highly functional customer-centric approach is critical. This means that a relevant and clear brand value proposition has to be communicated quickly and a user friendly navigation flow must be put in place to lead the visitor to take the action we seek to achieve our client’s business goals. Our team has the expertise to develop and implement the technologies needed to make it happen.