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Goelzer Investment Management

One of the leading investment management firms in Indiana, Goelzer was expanding their financial services offering and growing their business and clientele beyond the state lines. However to compete at the national level they needed their brand identity to be in alignment with the competitive market position they wanted to play. JRDG Brand Design and R. T. Hausler Strategic Marketing worked in partnership to support Goelzer’s strategic and brand design growth challenges.

JRDG created Goelzer’s new logo, a contemporary but classic design featuring a bold mark, a “G” rendered with sharp angles conveying strength and precision enhanced with an arrow tip pointing up communicating a positive trend on returns. JRDG delivered a brand manual with brand identity guidelines to ensure brand consistency across all communication materials.

JRDG also designed Goelzer’s complete set of business, stationary and collateral materials and their website.

Goelzer Investment Management logo
Goelzer Investment Management logo signature
Goelzer website design