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Anacaona 27, Luxury Residence Tower

The engineering, construction and real estate development company Rodriguez Sandoval, based in the Dominican Republic has a reputation for building residential luxury towers that push the envelope. With their latest project Anacaona 27, an intelligent, LEED -Certified Green building located in one of the most exclusive areas of Santo Domingo, they were aiming to create a new level of luxury and advanced technology never seen before in the Caribbean. Rodriguez Sandoval hired JRDG to create the building’s communications strategy, the brand identity and logo, collateral materials and website.

Anacaona 27 will be the tallest building in the Dominican Republic. We developed a strategic communication approach based on the concept “How much is too much” to convey the unmatched quality of living goals Anacaona 27 pursued. Our logo design solution stresses towering proportions with an elegant design that depicts a stylized stature of the building.

Anacaona 27, luxury tower brand design
Anacaona 27, luxury tower brand design
Anacaona 27, luxury tower marketing brochures
Anacaona 27, luxury tower marketing materials