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Located in the heart of rural Teton Valley Idaho, in the shadow of Grand Teton National park, encircled by wilderness, Earthfire Institute animal sanctuary, founded by Susan Eirich, Ph.D, a pioneer in the conservation movement, works relentlessly to fulfill its mission of changing people’s perception of the role of wild animals in our community and, ultimately, the health of the planet. I have to admit that working with Susan and her team has impacted my own awareness of animals’ individual singularity as I myself started to see wildlife and nature with new eyes. Our job was to create a new website to support Earthfire’s vision, mission, strategic direction and their online community growth. To achieve this goal the website leans heavily on dynamic community building content and multimedia functionality. From the Blog to a new Podcast section integrated with Soundcloud, an online seminar section integrated with Zoom and Retreats section with PayPal payment processing and of course full social media integration. A warm, nature inspired branding and an intuitive clean website architecture guides the visitor through a variety of multimedia and interactive content with ease. The result is a site that delivers and engaging experience that fulfills the visitors’ expectations and promotes community building.