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Defiant Entertainment is an up-and-coming New York based PR and Talent agency on a mission to provide the unsung heroes in the Entertainment Industry with platforms to get their talents heard and seen. Defiant cutting edge skills include a mix bag of fresh PR strategies and tactics big on word-of-mouth (WOM) and social media marketing. The logo needed to reflect a young and exciting brand personality with an NYC attitude. Streetwise but professional.

What a great name to work with. Always so exciting to be part of a new brand launch. The client wanted to emphasize the company’s NYC roots and attitude with a visual reference to an iconic New York building. An idea just landed in my head. The “D” for Defiant with an NY building as its vertical stroke. I took a picture with my iPhone of some quick sketches and sent it via text message. Approved!. I kept cleaning the logo, fine-tuning every little line stroke, creating dimension. Too much. Too clean. The client pulled me back closer to my original hand sketch. “I like the chaos energy of the original sketch” she said. She was right.